About Us
Corporate Culture

Human culture:HANS attach grate importance to Human-based. And the manner of management of our company mainly focuses on the instinctual need of individual and team, with respecting and developing human resources.

Team spirit culture:Respect, trust, competition and forgiveness with each other, with which we achieve our team cooperation and team work.

Culture of study:HANS team members keep on studying and accelerating the logistics knowledge and enriching ourselves so as to drive our company develop.

Security and Risks Culture: Safety and security are the Primary factor and foundation of the survival and development of a shipping company, only risk control could assure a company’s healthy growth and development. We must not only firmly establish a belief on "Safety First and Strict Control of Risk", but establish a “comprehensive, full and whole-processed” security and risk management system to properly handle the relationship among security, risk and benefit all the time.

Our advantages This is the reason customers choose us, but also our way forward.